She Doesn't Know

"Something happened to him, I think. Something bad."

Alex was unlike any boy Chloe had ever met. His charm and lust for life drew her in, and she couldn't escape the attraction even if she wanted to.

But that was last summer. Now he's come back from a year at boarding school and the light in his eyes has died, replaced with an emptiness and sadness that shocks Chloe to her core.

Chloe can sense his pain, but she doesn’t know what it means because Alex keeps his secret hidden behind his grief. And when Alex starts to recklessly gamble with his life, she knows she needs to reach him before it’s too late. But how can she when he’s always pushing her away?


Scars of Youth - Scars of Youth Book One

Twenty-five-year-old Jessica Fowler has lived with the regret of the love she abandoned. Her heart still belongs to the boy she fell in love with in high school, but she's come to accept that she can never regain the love she lost.

Kyle Andersen has moved to a new city and is determined to make a new life for himself, but he still feels incomplete. He's never gotten over the girl who broke his heart when he was just fifteen, and the hurt she caused him anchors him to his past.

On the same night, the two remember each other, and they think back to that one year in high school that came to define their lives.

This is their story.

Jessica - How did this happen? I'm a senior! I can't be falling for a sophomore. Yes, Kyle's gorgeous and super sweet, but he's only fifteen! Way too young! And there's no way I can compete with his sure-to-be-a-super-model best friend, Jenn, anyway.

And even if I can have him, will I lose him forever after I graduate? Am I just setting myself up to have my heart broken? Or will the little time we have together be worth it in the end?

Kyle - Could this really happen? She's a senior, almost three years older than me. There's no way such a pretty girl would be interested in me. But we seem to click. We like the same type of music and we have a good time together. Am I just the young kid she likes to hang out with, or could she see me as an equal?

Could there be a future for us? Or will I just end up with a broken heart?

Q - Who is Scars of Youth's Target Audience?

Scars of Youth is a novel meant for mature readers who enjoy stories about young love and second chances. Although this story is set during the main characters’ year together in high school, it deals with mature topics such as underage sex and drinking, and features mildly suggestive sexual language. Discretion is advised.


In My Dreams - Scars of Youth Book Two

It's been seven years since Jessica Fowler graduated from high school, leaving behind her younger boyfriend, Kyle Andersen. She can never forget the love she shared with Kyle, and she’s come to accept that she can never again have what she’s lost.

By an unexpected twist of fate, she finds herself reunited with Kyle, and the two of them begin to reconnect. But when Kyle starts to date one of Jessica’s bandmates, Jessica’s jealousy and regret begin to eat at her and she turns to alcohol to numb her pain. As her regrets and guilt mount, she gets more and more out of control and begins to lash out at those she loves most.

Can she and Kyle ever share the love they once had? Or will Jessica’s destructive behavior drive them apart once again?

In My Dreams follows Jessica and Kyle into their early twenties, and features non-graphic sex. Again, discretion is advised.