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She Doesn't Know

A girl with an unrequited love. A boy with a dark secret. Can she save him before his personal demons claim his life?

When Chloe is uprooted to a tiny American compound in Saudi Arabia, she never expects to meet a boy like Alex. He's exciting, full of life, and before long he's claimed her heart.

But when Alex returns the following summer from his first year at boarding school, he is no longer the bright, happy boy she remembers. Something happened to him, something bad, and now Chloe must struggle to reach the old Alex. Despite her love for him, Alex keeps his secret hidden behind his pain, and soon he begins to recklessly gamble with his life.

Can Chloe find a way to help him before it's too late?

If you like compelling young adult novels that don't shy away from serious topics and realistic teen behavior, then you'll love this mysterious drama of grief, guilt, and first love.

What readers are saying about She Doesn't Know

★★★★★ "Unsentimental, well-paced, complex story that has an autobiographic feel and great impact. Beautifully drawn characters and a plot that - very largely - makes sense."
★★★★★ "A touching story! I have to confess that I cried a few times but could not stop reading. The characters are excellent, the plot is well written."
★★★★★ "The plot had me guessing what would come next. The characters were very young but the plot was very advanced."
★★★★★ "This book destroyed me. So much emotion in it. This is a book with so many highs and lows. Written so very well." -Audiobook Review
★★★★★ "This is a book that I would have never chosen to listen to on my own. But I am certainly glad I did. It was so good, I loved it." -Audiobook Review


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Scars of Youth - A Love Story

A girl with inner demons. A younger boy full of hope. An uncaring and uncertain future.

Jessica Fowler is a seventeen year-old girl entering her senior year at a boarding school in Switzerland. She has a tragic past, but she’s left her demons behind, and is now ready for a bright new future. What she never expects to find on her first day of school, however, is Kyle. He’s young. Too young. But the more she fights her attraction to him, the bigger her crush becomes. And, besides, how can she compete with Kyle’s best-friend, the Beautiful Girl, who has known him for years?

Kyle Andersen is only fifteen, a sophomore and a new student at the boarding school. Having left his tiny American compound and school behind in Saudi Arabia, he arrives in Switzerland eager to start a new life. What he doesn’t expect, however, is to hopelessly fall for a much older girl. How could such a cool girl ever return his feelings when she has older, more mature boys to choose from?

Jessica and Kyle begin their journey together, a path paved with first love, betrayal, and acceptance. Ultimately, however, Jessica must graduate and leave Kyle behind. Will their love last? Or will life tear them apart forever?

What readers are saying about Scars of Youth.

★★★★★ "The characters are excellent, ... and the plot shows a scary if probably accurate insight into the teen mind."
★★★★★ “I loved the characters, I loved the way this author didn't shy away from all the taboos of young people even if the setting was in the 80's”
★★★★★ “This was one of the best books I've read this year … The characters were engaging and complex. And I love that a man wrote this.”
★★★★★ “If you want an easy read, with strong character development, with a more mature rendering of youthful love, with the ability to transport any age back to the time of their first love, then this is the book for you.”
★★★★ “The voices were believable as teenagers, and the dialog in particular was well-written.”
★★★★★ “The writing style is nice, the story line is really good, the characters are well formed. I think anyone can enjoy this book if they go in with an open mind.”
★★★★ “The characters were the crowning glory of this tale; credible, likable and perfectly written in terms of dialogue and mindset.”
★★★★★ “This is an amazingly well-written book, full of emotion, heartbreak and love. It was beautiful, and it made cry and laugh.”